BLACKPINK members show their support for Taeyang and Jimin in a funny way

The support of BLACKPINK members for Taeyang makes fans extremely excited.

Recently, Taeyang officially released the song VIBE, featuring Jimin (BTS).  This is the milestone marking the first collaboration between BIGBANG and BTS.  Immediately after its launch, the song received the attention of fans around the world.

Taeyang Jimin
Taeyang and Jimin (BTS) have a “legendary” collaboration 

Although he is under THE BLACK LABEL, Taeyang used to be an artist under YG Entertainment, so the BLACKPINK members expressed their support for Taeyang sunbaenim.  Accordingly, after the song was released, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé shared the VIBE MV on their Instagram story to show their love for the sunbae’s newly released product.

Jennie Taeyang
Jennie shared the MV with the status line: “Surely cool oppa Taeyang”
Rose Taeyang
Meanwhile, Rosé couldn’t hide her excitement 

In particular, Jennie and Jisoo did not forget to tease Taeyang.  Specifically below the MV post on Instagram, Jennie commented, “I miss you so much”.  Worth mentioning, this is also the legendary greeting of Taeyang in a concert.  Jisoo also commented “Guys“, which used to be Taeyang’s musical greeting.

Jennie Taeyang
Jennie teased Taeyang with the comment “I miss you so much”
Jisoo Taeyang
Jisoo also showed her support for Taeyang in a funny way

This is not the first time BLACKPINK members have teased senior Taeyang.  Earlier during the soundcheck in Copenhagen – Denmark, BLACKPINK greeted fans by covering Taeyang’s music greeting.

blackpink Taeyang
BLACKPINK once had a cover of Taeyang’s legendary greeting in the concert BORN PINK
taeyang blackpink thumbnail
Although BLACKPINK and Taeyang no longer under the same agency, they still have a beautiful friendship

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