List of BLACKPINK songs that were banned from broadcasting 

BLACKPINK has had many songs banned by KBS for various reasons.

BLACKPINK consistently releases songs that have a significant influence on the charts, attaining a number of outstanding and honorable successes. Despite the popularity of BLACKPINK, KBS has frequently “banned from broadcasting” the songs of the YG girl group for a variety of reasons.

The series of songs were banned for using inappropriate words and phrases

Songs by YG singers, not just BLACKPINK, frequently encounter the issue of being banned from broadcast due to the song’s controversial lyrics because YG artists often use slang, and swear words.

KBS also forbade the group’s debut song, “Boombayah,” because it contained inappropriate phrases. Specifically, Lisa’s rap part contains the phrase: “Middle finger up, F U pay me. In addition, Jennie included the word “Henny,” which is claimed to relate to the “Hennessy” wine.

In the case of See U Later, the song has too frank and bold words like ”Your apology to me is like *** ***”,“I’m a boss, b****”… so it was immediately listed by KBS as having inappropriate words and continued to receive a ban.

The song “Tally” in the recently released full album “Born Pink” also suffered approval by KBS owing to several inappropriate phrases. The group also almost had to edit the lyrics of Hard To Love, but then the station canceled this decision because it could show the lyrics on the screen.

The two latest songs are banned from broadcasting for mentioning the brands’ names

BLACKPINK’s 2 latest songs, Shut Down and Pink Venom, also received a ban from KBS.

Pink Venom, according to KBS, violated Article 46 of the Broadcast Evaluation Regulation by mentioning “Coco’ (Chanel) and “Celine.” As a result, this song was not permitted to be played on KBS and was removed off KBS’s weekend music show Music Bank.

As for the title song Shut Down, this song also received a ban on September 21 for the same reason (referring to the brand name ”Lamborghini” in the lyrics).

Hilariously banned for… violating traffic laws

BLACKPINK fans won’t be able to forget the reason why KBS refused to broadcast “Kill This Love”. In particular, the broadcasting station pointed out a scene in “Kill This Love” MV where Rosé did not use her seatbelt, exceeded the maximum speed, and stood in front of a moving vehicle.

Source: K14

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