Tablo mentioned the Tajinyo incident “At least 30% of Koreans believed it back then”

Epik High Tablo mentioned the Tajinyo (We Demand the Truth from Tablo) incident.

Epik High appeared as a guest on YouTube’s “Psick Univ”, which was released on March 5th. On this day, Kim Min Soo said, “We prepared a special corner. We prepared it especially for Tablo.” He introduced, “The corner’s name is ‘True or False’.”


Tablo drew attention by replying, “Yeah, well, everyone likes Tablo’s truth. These X… Are you asking for it again? Damn it!”

First of all, when asked “There’s a free rider here“, all the members raised X. At this time, Jung Jae Hyung asked Tablo, who was the last to raise the X flag, “Why did you raise it so carefully?” Tukutz caused laughter by saying, “What? Tell me. Who is it? Is it me?”


Afterwards, all the members raised X to the last question “I was suspicious of Tablo’s degree”. Tablo then surprised everyone by telling Tukutz, “But? Are you sure? Because you didn’t appear in the documentary.”

Tablo continued, “No, because he was in the army at that time. At least 30% of Koreans believed it back then. So… three people.” Jung Jae Hyung said, “30%?” Tukutz joked, “That’s a reasonable doubt.”

Source: Nate

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