This female Kpop idol often receives pocket money from Park Myung Soo

Apink Jung Eunji has a beautiful friendship with male comedian Park Myung Soo, who she often calls “oppa”.

On November 17th, Jung Eunji appeared on KBS Cool FM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show”. On this day, a listener said Park Myung Soo should give Eunji pocket money, to which he replied, “That’s too old-fashioned. Eunji earns more than I do.”

jung eun ji park myung soo

Hearing this, Jung Eunji immediately said, “What are you talking about? You earn a lot more than I do.” She also called Myung Soo “oppa” and revealed he often gives her pocket money and lucky money for New Year’s Eve. 

Previously in another radio appearance, Park Myung Soo said that Jung Eunji is so cute he wants to put her in his pocket”. He also added that Eunji is the only one her age to call him “oppa”, and IU often addresses him as “teacher”. 

jung eun ji park myung soo

Jung Eunji and Park Myung Soo have shown off their special friendship several times before. In 2019, Park Myung Soo appeared on KBS Cool FM’s “Jung Eunji’s Song Plaza”. On his personal Instagram account, Park Myung Soo also posted a photo with Jung Eunji along with the caption, “Jung Eunji’s song plaza collaboration~^^”.

Also, when Jung Eunji was late for a live radio broadcast due to oversleeping, Park Myung Soo acted as a substitute. On September 23th, 2020, Park Myung Soo, not Jung Eunji, performed the opening at KBS Cool FM’s “Jung Eunji’s Song Plaza”, surprising listeners.

jung eun ji park myung soo

At the time, Park Myung Soo reassured listeners by saying, “It seems that Jung Eunji came out late, not out of unavoidable circumstances. She entered the parking lot, so she will be right back.” Afterwards, Jung Eunji, who arrived late, apologized and said, “I couldn’t sleep yesterday. I have no excuses.” 

In response, Park Myung Soo said, “Who slept well? I’m going now”, and relaxed the atmosphere.

jung eun ji

Meanwhile, Eunji Jung released her remake album [log] on November 11th. The album consists of 5 songs, including “Journey For Myself” (originally by Korean rock band Buzz), “Blue Whale” (originally by YG), “Dream” (originally by Cho Yong Pil), “For Love” (originally by Kim Jong Hwan), and “About Thirty” (originally by Kim Kwang Seok).  

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