How is the child star of Reply 1988 who took on the 12-year-old Jin Joo after 6 years?

The girl who took on the role of 12-year-old Jin Joo in Reply 1988 has now become a beautiful girl.

Perhaps many viewers of Reply 1988 have forgotten that in addition to the super cute girl Kim Seol, there is another child star who also takes on the role of Jin Joo but the 12-year-old version. It is Shin Bi, a child actress who is quite familiar with Korean audiences. Even though she only appeared in a few scenes in the last episodes, Shin Bi still made a strong impression thanks to her pretty appearance. In addition, Shin Bi also brought a very new version of Jin Joo, a bit fierce but still very cute.

Shin Bi Reply 1988
The moment Jin Joo criticized Duk Sun’s lipstick color
Shin Bi Reply 1988
The 12-year-old Jin Joo is very smart and fierce
Shin Bi Reply 1988
The important thing is that she is still very cute
Shin Bi Reply 1988

Before Reply 1988, Shin Bi was a child actor quite familiar with the audience.  This girl born in 2006 has been acting since she was 4 years old and has been noticed in hit series such as A Werewolf Boy, Hometown Over The Hill 2,… by her cuteness and vivaciousness.  Since Reply 1988, Shin Bi has continued to participate in new film projects regularly. Most recently, Shin Bi appeared in The King’s Affection, but only a small supporting role appeared in 2 episodes.

Compared to the time when she acted in Reply 1988, Shin Bi is now a beautiful young girl.  At the age of 15, Shin Bi has never played a lead role, but with her outstanding ability, she is expected to be a popular actress in the future.

Some recent images of Shin Bi:

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