JYP’s Park Jin Young guested on ITZY’s own live show “Gap of ITZY” and boasted a warm chemistry 

Park Jin Young and ITZY showed off a special chemistry. 

Since May, ITZY has made memories with viewers through Naver NOW’s exclusive live show “Gap of ITZY” season 2. The latest episode aired on July 11th featured the guest appearance of JYP’s chief producer Park Jin Young.

In this episode, ITZY performed Park Jin Young’s famous songs such as “When We Disco (Duet with Sunmi),” “Don’t Leave Me,” “She Was Pretty,” and “Honey.” The members expressed their joy, saying, “PD Park Jin Young is the main character of ‘Gap Worldview’, which has a lot of connections to ‘Gap of ITZY’. He appeared in photos and we talked on the phone, but we didn’t expect him to show up in person.” In response, Park Jin Young said, “I’m not usually nervous when filming for a show, but today I’m quite nervous because it’s a shoot between us and it’s a live broadcast.

When ITZY asked, “When we were on the phone to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of our debut, you said you were proud and grateful for ITZY’s attitude that is the same as when we were a rookie. Now that a year has passed, we wonder what your thoughts are.” Park Jin Young praised ITZY, saying, “I often see the members at work and practice, and they always work hard just like a year ago.” 

He added, “I watched the MV for the new song in advance, and I was impressed because there were scenes where each of the five members stood out“, raising expectations for ITZY’s upcoming title track “SNEAKERS”.

When the story of trainee days came out, J. Y. Park recalled his first meeting with the members, “Yeji stood out during the monthly evaluation. I thought she was good at everything. I met Chaeryeong for the first time on an audition program, and I was glad that she chose our company.” The five members and J. Y. Park then performed the point choreography “Shoulder Dance” of ITZY’s representative song “WANNABE” and the choreography of “ICY”, which was written and composed by J. Y. Park. In addition, they played various games such as “Guess Who” and “JYP 1-Second Music Quiz”. ITZY said, “It was great to play games with the PD and have a comfortable conversation with him.” J. Y. Park expressed his affection for the members until the end, “I had a great time with ITZY today. Please take good care of ITZY in the future.

“Gap of ITZY” season 2 marked this broadcast as the final episode. The members shared their feelings, “It’s a pity that time passed so quickly, but every moment we spent together is precious“, “Thank you for being with us from the first broadcast. I think I’ll never forget the memories we had together“, “Please show a lot of interest and support for our upcoming comeback and first world tour. Thank you so much.”

Meanwhile, ITZY will make a comeback by releasing their 5th mini album “CHECKMATE” and the title track “SNEAKERS” at 1 PM (12 AM EST) on July 15th. They will carry out Twitter Blueroom at 12 PM and Mnet Comeback Special at 7 PM on the day of their comeback. From August, the first world tour “ITZY THE 1ST WORLD TOUR ‘CHECKMATE'” will be held. ITZY will hold two solo concerts at SK Olympic Handball Stadium, Olympic Park, Seoul for two days on August 6th and 7th. They will also perform and meet global fans in 8 cities in the United States, including Los Angeles on October 26th (local time), Phoenix on October 29th, Dallas on November 1st, Sugar Land on November 3rd, Atlanta on November 5th, Chicago on November 7th, Boston on November 10th and New York on November 13th.

Source: daum

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