The outfit is cute, but the abs… Fans were surprised by a Red Velvet member’s unexpected body

Red Velvet’s Wendy showed off her abs.

On the 13th, Wendy posted several photos on her Instagram. In the photo, Wendy is working hard on the photo shoot in the studio. However, her innocent face and clear abs catch her attention. Her six-packs revealed under the cute outfits arouse admiration.

red velvet wendy

Netizens commented, “I only see abs”, “Wendy is really skinny, how much muscle she has grown”, “You can see how much effort she put in”, etc

red velvet wendy

Recently, on a music show, she wore a costume that revealed her abs, drawing a lot of attention from various online communities. 

Meanwhile, Red Velvet, to which Wendy belongs, released a new mini-album ‘The Live Festival 2022 – Birthday’ and set up a comeback stage with the title song ‘Birthday’.

Source: Wendy

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