Top 5 celebs who created hot topics at Waterbomb (ft. Kwon Eun Bi, Sunmi, etc.)

Let’s look back on celebrities who were at the center of attention at the summer festival “Waterbomb” this year.

1. Kwon Eun Bi

Former IZ*ONE member Kwon Eun Bi is properly the person who benefited the most from the 2023 Waterbomb Festival. She also shone on the stage of the 2023 CassCool Festival recently held in Gyeonggi-do on August 19th.

At the CassCool Festival, Kwon Eun Bi appeared in a blue sleeveless crop top and a miniskirt. Singing her hit song “Underwater”, “Door” and “Glitch”, Kwon Eun Bi captivated the audience with her superior body figure and white skin. She also exuded both sexiness and loveliness at the same time, shaking the hearts of male fans.

Kwon Eun Bi received more compliments after the HD video of her CassCool performance was posted on Youtube. 

2. Lee Se Ryeong

The next person is announcer & model Lee Se Ryeong, who also emerged as “Waterbomb Goddess”. She drew keen attention after releasing photos taken at the 2023 Waterbomb Seoul in June on Instagram.

The pictures Lee Se Ryeong posted on August 22nd show her enjoying the festival when wearing a blue bra top, which revealed her beautiful chest lines. The outfits highlighted her sexy charm but her long straight hair exuded a bright and innocent atmosphere.

In addition, Lee Se Ryeong’s ‘Waterbomb Seoul’ dance video also became viral on Youtube and online communities.

3. BJ Winter

Twitch streamer Winter, who joined the Miss Maxim Contest 2022, also received enthusiastic responses for her appearance at the Waterbomb Seoul 2023.

A photo Winter released on June 26th shows her wearing a gray hooded top, bra top, and black tennis skirt made headlines. She surprised many people by showcasing her glamorous body figure even when she was wearing a cute costume. Winter also posted another proof shot of her wearing only the bra top after taking of the hoodie

4. Sunmi

Sunmi, who has been considered “Waterbomb Legend” since her performance in 2018, also attended this year’s Waterbomb Festival in Seoul. 

Appearing on the stage wearing a bright light green sleeveless top and skirt, Sunmi heated up the atmosphere by singing her hit song “TAIL”. Just like her nickname “Waterbomb Legend”, she presented intense choreography and professional stage expressions even when she was soaked in water. 

After her recent Waterbomb appearance, the video of her Waterbomb’s performance last year also surpassed 6 million views.

5. Chungju City’s PR Man (Kim Sun Tae)

Kim Sun Tae, known by the name “Chungju City’s PR Man”, is now as popular as a celebrity.

 Kim Sun Tae

On August 22nd, he posted a new video titled “Kwon Eun Bi, stand tall”, on the Youtube channel “Chungju City”. The video shows him guiding people to the Tangeumho Lake Waterpark in Chungju.

Appearing in a promotional T-shirt for Sancheok sweet potatoes in Chungju, Kim Sun Tae wandered around the waterpark with a microphone and showed the view with hilarious comments.

Source: Wikitree

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