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Shocking situation of a “Transit Love 2” cast whose followers exploded overwhelmingly after the show ended

After the end of “Transit Love 2,” interest in the cast members is scorchingly hot.

The TVing romance reality program “Transit Love 2” ended on Oct 29th. “Transit Love 2” is a love reality program that shows how separated couples gather in one house to face new relationships and find their real love.

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Seong Hae Eun, who had a hard time because she couldn’t forget her ex-boyfriend Jung Kyu Min, chose a new love, Jung Hyun Kyu, on the show. At the end of the final episode, the new couple’s current photos were released, causing explosive reactions.

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Since then, Sung Hae Eun’s SNS followers have increased rapidly, surpassing 740,000 as of the afternoon of Nov 1st. This is an increase of 300,000 from 410,000 followers two weeks ago.

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Jung Hyun Kyu, who becomes a new couple with Sung Hae Eun, also has 560,000 followers.

Netizens responded enthusiastically after hearing the news, saying, “I followed them, too,” “They are going to reach 1 million at this rate,” “Please do a Lovestagram,” “I’m going to follow them,” “They has really become a big hit,” and “700,000 is crazy.”

Meanwhile, in addition to Seong Hae Eun and Jung Hyun Kyu, Nam Hee Doo and Lee Na Yeon, as well as Kim Tae-i and Park Na-eon also announced a new start as the final couples.

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