A glimpse at the actor profiles behind the five handsome princes in “Under The Queen’s Umbrella”: Bae In Hyuk stands out as a promising face

Each individual prince is portrayed by equally distinct and talented actors.

Bae In Hyuk as the Crown Prince 

Unlike his four younger brothers, the Crown Prince is an exceptional prince, understanding person and pious son to his mother. Unfortunately the prince passed away due to a terminal illness. 

Under The Queen’s Umbrella

As a talented but ill-fated prince, Bae In Hyuk is an actor born in 1998 who started acting in 2019. He originally appeared in several web dramas before progressing to television dramas of bigger broadcast stations. 

bae in hyuk the queen's umbrella

In 2020, In Hyuk got a supporting role in “Was It Love?” and “The Spies Who Loved Me”. Afterwards, the actor drew attention as Gye Sun Woo in  “My Roommate Is A Gumiho”. 


This time around, Bae In Hyuk continues swooning his fans because of a scholar-like image that boasts his handsomeness. He catches eyes for an emotional acting performances in “Why Her?”, “Cheer Up” and “Under The Queen’s Umbrella”. 

Moon Sang Min as Grand Prince Seongnam

Moon Sang Min the Queen's Umbrella

Seongnam is a hot-headed, introverted prince with a cold exterior. He does not show any interest in study and is more interested in martial arts. Grand Prince Seongnam has a close relationship with the Crown Prince. After the turn of events, the prince undergoes a drastic change under his mother’s guidance to be the Crown Prince. 

Moon Sang Min is the actor behind Seongnam, an actor born in 2000. Sang Min started out in showbiz as a model. He became an actor in 2019 with his first role in the web drama “4 Reasons Why I Hate Christmas”. In 2021, Sang Min left a lasting impression as Ko Gun Pyung in Netflix series’ “My Name”. 

Moon Sang Min

In this year, Sang Min got his chance to shine and gain more acting experience alongside other seniors in “Under The Queen’s Umbrella”. 

Yoo Seon Ho as the Grand Prince Gyeseong

Gyeseong first appears as a gentle, friendly and likable prince who listens to his mother. However, the series later revealed that he liked to dress up as woman, a taboo in the Joseon era, setting him up for a tragic fate. 

yoo seon ho the queens umbrella

The actor behind Gyeseong is the young actor Yoo Seon Ho who has appeared in countless famous dramas. Born in 2002, the actor entered showbiz in 2017 as a contestant in “Produce 101” season 2. 

Also in this year, Seon Ho acted in various projects of major broadcasts. His notable works include: “Big Forest”, “My Strange Hero”, “The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim”, “Undercover”,…

yoo seon ho 08102021 scaled 1

The actor made an impression with many remarkable supporting roles in “Doctor Lawyer” and “Under The Queen’s Umbrella”. 

Yoon Sang Hyun as Grand Prince Muan

Grand Prince is a womanizer who only thinks of dating pretty girls and has no interest in learning or competing for power in the palace. 

yoon sang hyun the queen's umbrella

Prince Muan is also Yoon Sang Hyun’s first role. An actor born in 2002, this first prominent role can be the actor’s start to other successes in acting. 

yoon sang hyun

Park Ha Jun as Grand Prince Ilyoung

As the youngest in the family, Grand Prince Ilyoung only cares about sleeping and playing all day long. He is carefree and innocent, not knowing much of the happenings inside the palace. The 2006-born actor Park Ha Jun is in charge of the role. 

park ha jun the queen's umbrella

While the youngest actor among the cast, Ha Jun already has an impressive record under his belt. He started acting in 2012 and appeared in many film projects, either big or small. Some of his notable works include “Misaeng”, “Scholar Who Walks The Night” and “Voice 2”. 

park ha jun

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