‘Goddess of expression’ Lisa (BlackPink) and her reaction when fans showed her order slips for… 4000 albums

Looks like Lisa was really shocked when she knew how generous Chinese fans were for BlackPink’s comeback.

Recently, BlackPink members had their very first album fansign after almost 2 years of their debut. This event was held in Korea, only a short time after the group’s “Square Up” album was sold.
At the fansign, a Chinese fan showed up and told Lisa that:
“Chinese fans bought almost 4000 albums and these are the order slips, hope you’ll like it. You’re very popular in China, a lot of fans love you”.
Lisa was surprised at Chinese fans buying 4000 album copies to support BlackPink
Lisa was surely shocked. She couldn’t hide her excitement and astonishment when she acknowledged the love that Chinese fans gave her. The photo of the order slips has been shared on the social media. Not only Lisa, a great amount of Kpop fans were amazed at the lavishness of Blinks coming from China.
The order slips from Chinese Blinks
Everyone admits that the very first album of BlackPink is high-quality in terms of both music and visual. Even non-fans want to own this album. Chinese fans are well-known for their lavishness and passion when it comes to supporting their idols, so it’s not surprising that only a short time after the release day, a great amount of BlackPink’s albums were bought by Chinese fans.

Sources: tinnhac

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