ITZY Ryujin’s childhood photos revealed, “Were they taken yesterday?”

Ryujin, a member of girl group ITZY, has revealed her childhood photos in celebration of Children’s Day.

On May 5th, several childhood photos of ITZY member Ryujin were posted on ITZY’s official Instagram with the caption, “Isn’t today our day?”

itzy ryujin

In the photos, Ryujin attracted attention by showing off her dazzling features, which are no different from now, while her wide-eyed and chubby cheeks exuded cuteness. The female idol also showed off a cheerful and easygoing side, with short hair cut above her eyebrows, an overly curly perm, as well as playful smiles and poses.


Seeing the photos, dancer LEEJUNG commented on the post and said, “Were they taken yesterday?” Meanwhile, fans at home and abroad showed excited reactions and left comments such as “RYU PRINCESS”, “Cute”, “She was beautiful from a young age”, and “Lovely”.

ryujin 2 05052023 1

Born in 2001, Ryujin made her debut with girl group ITZY in 2019, and has since released numerous hit songs such as “Sneakers”, “Dalla Dalla”, and “Wannabe”.

The female idol also gained attention for her powerful dance skills, visuals, and live performance capabilities. 

Source: Wikitree

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