Rain is touched by the sweet love letter: “I’m going to get diabetes”      

Singer Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon, 39) uploaded a touching letter on his SNS.

On Feb 14th, Rain uploaded a post on his Instagram story saying, “I’m going to get diabetes!!!!! Thank you so much to all my loved ones 🌧 Thank you for your chocolate.”

Rain received chocolate gifts and letters from his Japanese fans on Valentine’s Day. Comments such as “I heard the filming of your drama is over, I hope you have a good time with your family” and “I’m looking forward to the day the drama airs in Japan” attract attention.

Rain Instagram story

Japanese fans said in the letter, “It will be difficult for us to meet again this year because the pandemic has not stopped, but everyone in Japan is cheering for you,” adding, “I only sent a little because I think you will receive a lot of chocolate. Eat it with your family. I always hope for the happiness and health of you and your family.”

Rain Instagram story

Rain does not forget to thank his fans for their sincere love letters.  Meanwhile, Rain is starring in the cable channel tvN Monday-Tuesday dramaGhost Doctor.” He married actor Kim Tae-hee (41) in 2017 and the couple has two daughters. 

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