“Queen of ratings” Uhm Jung Hwa cast in suspense human drama “The Wife”

“Queen of ratings” Uhm Jung Hwa’s next work has been decided.

According to hankyung.com on August 28th, Uhm Jung Hwa received an offer to appear in KBS 2TV’s new drama “The Wife” and is discussing it positively.

“The Wife” is a drama about a woman living a false life under someone else’s name and the bare face of desire and love surrounding her. The more she tries to keep her secret, the deeper her life falls into hell. This is the work of writer Jeong Ryeo Ju, who won last year’s KBS mini-series script contest.

uhm jung hwa

Eun Ip Sae, the role proposed to Uhm Jung Hwa, is a person who got a perfect score on the CSAT and entered the Seoul National University at the top of her class. She is also a best-selling author and a mother of a child. She is a character with self-esteem and appearance who looks flawless like a perfectly cut diamond.

However, Eun Ip Sae, who everyone envies, has a secret in her past. She suffers the truths she turned away from to protect that secret.

uhm jung hwa

Uhm Jung Hwa proved her solid acting skills and character digestive ability through “Wife”, “Get Karl! Oh Soo-jung”, “He Who Can’t Marry”, “A Witch’s Love”, “Our Blues” and “Doctor Cha”. Expectations are rising for what Uhm Jung Hwa, who captivated viewers with different charms in each work, will do in “The Wife”.

Meanwhile, Uhm Jung Hwa’s agency Saram Entertainment said, “She received the offer and is reviewing it.

Source: Daum

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