“I was kicked out because I didn’t have enough money to pay rent,” a shocking confession from a famous idol group member

On April 11th, a video containing Rich’s recent status was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Recent Olympics.”

Rich began his solo career two years after the disbandment of “Eagle Five,” and had released popular songs such as “Can’t say anything but I love you.” However, he said, “By the time I become an adult and face the reality, I’ve become less loved by the public, and a lot have left. It was hard to come to terms with this reality. I’m not at the level of getting seriously sick, but I’ve been in a serious situation,” he confessed.


“I lived alone at the age of 24, but I couldn’t pay my monthly rent due to financial difficulties. I kept delaying paying the rent. One day, I returned to my house to find out the password had been changed. The landlord changed it because I didn’t pay the monthly rent,” he said. “There was a place in the basement where I worked out. I slept there and left in the morning.”


Finally, “I had also thought about quitting music. Five years ago, I founded Rich World Entertainment and produced an idol group. The agency is closed as the pandemic began after releasing a four-member female idol group,” he said. “But a new song is about to be released. I hope we can communicate a lot on Instagram,” he added.

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