Lee Dong Hwi, “I was too immersed in ‘The Glory’ that I became afraid to meet Lim Ji Yeon in person”

Actor Lee Dong Hwi revealed himself as a fan of Netflix’s original series “The Glory”.

Earlier, Lee Dong Hwi commented “Yeon Jin ah” on Lim Ji Yeon’s account, and Lim Ji Yeon wittily replied, “Jeong Pal ah”. Yeon Jin is Lim Ji Yeon’s character in Netflix’s “The Glory” while Jeong Pal is the character played by Lee Dong Hwi in Disney+’s “Big Bet”.

Lee Dong Hwi

Lee Dong Hwi then added the comment, “I’m scared of Yeon Jin more than my big brother”, arousing enthusiastic reactions from fans.

The actor continued to pour out compliments for actress Lim Ji Yeon during a recent interview with Herald POP at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Lee Dong Hwi jokingly said, “I’m too immersed in the drama that I want to leave a comment every time Lim Ji Yeon makes a new post. But that would make me look too silly so I’m holding myself back”.

lim ji yoen the glory thumbnail

He continued, “I enjoyed watching ‘The Glory’”, adding “I’ve known Lim Ji Yeon for a long time, and her acting is amazing”.

In addition, the actor confessed, “She looks really scary in the drama with all of her intense expressions. I was into the story so much that I became afraid to meet her in person”, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, Lee Dong Hwi’s new film “Maybe We’ve Broken Up” is about the process of lovers becoming strangers. It will premiere on February 8th.

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