4 female Kpop idols whose poor acting skills “ruined” their K-dramas

It is no surprise to see Kpop idols taking on acting projects, but in several cases, their attempts are said to “do more harm than good”.

There have been multiple cases where excellent Kpop idols challenge acting projects, only to be condemned for their lacking acting skills. In the case of female idols, opinions can get extremely harsh, to the point netizens blame the idols for “ruining” a K-drama. 

Below are some acting performances of female Kpop idols that rouse negative reactions from netizens. 

Kim Dasom – “Kokdu: Season of Deity”

The ongoing K-drama “Kokdu: Season of Deity”, which features Kim Jung Hyun and Im Soo Hyang, has drawn a lot of attention for being Kim Jung Hyun’s return project after his attitude controversy. However, netizens’ focus has since been moved to Kim Dasom, the former SISTAR member who plays the 2nd female lead. 


In particular, Kim Dasom assumes the role of Tae Jeong Won, the former lover of the male lead, and a “love rival” to the female lead. This character is gorgeous and smart, yet somewhat arrogant and hot-headed, which is said to bear strong resemblances to Dasom in real life. 

However, despite Dasom and Jeong Won having similarities, the portrayal of Dasom as Jeong Won is receiving mixed opinions. Many netizens said that the female idol often shows stiff expressions, and that her eyes are “emotionless”. 

Kim Da-som

Moreover, Dasom’s previous acting projects are also not held in high regard. This leads to further criticisms on the female idol’s acting skills, and some netizens even started to say that she “ruined” the drama. To make things worse, “Kokdu: Season of Deity” is also not doing well rating-wise. 

Son Naeun – “Agency”

On the other hand, former APINK member Son Naeun is facing similar criticisms. In the on-going K-drama “Agency”, Son Naeun assumes the role of 3rd-generation-chaebol Kang Han Na, who boasts extreme spontaneity and only does business the way she wants. 

Son Naeun Agency

Since Kang Han Na is a rather difficult character to portray, Son Naeun is receiving criticism. In particular, many audiences claim that Son Naeun makes Kang Han Na an annoying character, and her expression as well as pronunciation were both unconvincing. 

In addition, compared to fellow co-stars Lee Bo Young and Jo Sung Ha, Son Naeun is said to have fallen short in comparison. Despite “Agency” recording rising ratings and positive feedback, some still say that Son Naeun ruins the drama for them. 

Irene – “Double Patty” 

While Irene (Red Velvet) possesses a top-notch visual in Kpop, the female idol still has a lot to work on when it comes to her acting skills. As Lee Hyun Ji in “Double Patty,” Irene mostly portrayed the character with lifeless and stiff expressions, which a lot of audiences complain about. 

More noticeably was the way Irene enunciated while on screen. In particular, Korean netizens said her enunciation was not professional enough to be an actress and not suitable for filming in general. 

Joy – “The Great Seducer” (Tempted)

Joy is another Red Velvet member that tried her hand in acting and has frequently come under fire for how she performs on-screen. 

In her first ever drama “The Liar And His Lover,” Joy’s performance was underwhelming and did not bring any praise for the idol-turned-actress. More hate came her way with “The Great Seducer” for her lack of dynamic expressions and professional enunciation. With that much negative feedback, the series was one of the lowest-rating series of MBC. 

Once Upon a Small Town

Nonetheless, great news is ahead when Joy is slowly persuading the audience with her more polished acting performance in “Once Upon A Small Town.” In this series, Joy transforms into a stunning and life-loving police officer who comes to everyone who needs help. 

Source: dienanh

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