Netizens were surprised at EXO Sehun’s recent appearance

Chinese netizens were extremely surprised when Sehun appeared with a strange image.

The most shocking topic on Weibo at the moment and making fans shock is the image of Sehun appearing with 3 other EXO members in a video.

In the propaganda clip and announcement about the fan interaction, Sehun shocked fans when he gained weight significantly.  Hashtag “Sehun is too fat” climbed to the top of Weibo search and then caused a stir on social networks.

Sehun’s biggest fan page gave an explanation that Sehun gained weight because of the requirement of his role in the new movie.  As for netizens, many comments showed their surprise: “God, is that Sehun”, “I can’t believe it”, “I thought it was an ajjussi”, …

Because of this image of Sehun, netizens turn over his impressive images before.  Many comments hope that after filming is completed, Sehun will regain his outstanding body and image. 

Sources: k14

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