Profile of Jennie: One of the most popular female Kpop idols nowadays

Possessing outstanding musical talent, a beautiful face, and luxurious charisma, Jennie has become one of the most sought-after female idols in KPOP.

Who is Jennie?

Jennie is one of the members of the famous group BLACKPINK.  She is currently considered one of the hottest K-Pop idols today.  Thanks to her luxurious aura, the female singer is often called by nicknames such as: “Human Chanel”, “Human Gucci”, etc. 

Jennie’s profile

  •  Real name: Jennie Kim (김제니)
  •  Date of birth: January 16, 1996
  •  Zodiac Capricorn
  •  Position: Main Rapper, Lead Vocal
  •  Hometown: Cheongdam-dong, South Korea
  •  Height: 1m63
  •  Weight: 50 kg
  •  Blood type: B
  •  Instagram: jennierubyjane

Jennie’s music career journey

Before becoming a member of BLACKPINK, Jennie used to be the female lead in G-Dragon’s MV That XX.  At the same time, she also had the opportunity to contribute to the song: Special (Lee Hi), GG Be (Seungri), Black (G-Dragon).

Thanks to her beautiful face and attractive charisma, the female singer has been favored by many brands right since before her debut.  In addition, her trendy fashion sense has made her known by the public with nicknames such as: “human Chanel”, or “G-Dragon female version”…

In 2016, Jennie officially debuted as the main rapper in the 4-member girl group, BLACKPINK.  She was quickly recognized for her impressive rapping skills with her captivating voice and unique flow. Up to now, it is rare for any female artist to have the same rap speed as Jennie.  In addition, her dancing skills are also very good.

Therefore, in 2018, Jennie became the first member of the group to debut as a soloist through MV SOLO.  She garnered a lot of great responses as soon as she made her debut. The main rapper of BLACKPINK also became the first female KPOP solo artist to reach over 300 million views.  In just the first 2 hours, her first song “all killed” the entire music chart in Korea.  In particular, this song reached the top 5 most streamed songs in 2018.  We can see Jennie’s influence and popularity based on what she achieved as a solo artist.

Fanmade video PR Rosé solo

Despite pursuing such a strong and cool image, the female idol is actually a caring person.  At first, when Lisa was discriminated against by some fans as she was a foreigner, it was Jennie who stood up to defend the maknae: “You should be proud of our little Lisa because she always keeps a positive attitude and be strong.  Don’t worry, we’ll take care of Lisa.”

Success in the fashion field

Right from the first days of her debut, the public has paid attention to Jennie as she possessed an impressive and outstanding fashion style.

It’s rare for a rookie to constantly receive so much attention. Right from the very beginning of her debut, the images of an extremely luxurious rookie Jennie in Gucci outfits continuously became a hot topic on forums in Korea. She was even dubbed “Human Gucci” and was loved by this fashion house.

However, after that, Jennie suddenly became associated with Chanel’s designs. Having an attractive face and beautiful body proportions, whether Gucci or Chanel, Jennie clearly shows the spirit of these fashion houses. 

It seems that every item that Jennie used has become a trend such as the Chanel bow tie, the sparkling hairpin, etc.  As a result, Jennie was named trendsetter, the leading fashion icon in Korea.  Many people also love to call her by the name Kim Trendie.

In March 2019, just over 2 years after debut, Jennie was chosen as House Ambassador for Chanel. This is an important milestone for the female singer after being appointed as Chanel’s Media Ambassador in Korea in June 2018.

Being sought after by a lot of brands

In addition to Chanel, the BLACKPINK member has deals with many other brands such as South Korean luxury beauty brand, Hera, South Korean telephone company, KT Corporation, Lotte Confectionery, soju brand Chum-Churum, and more.

Dating rumor/news

On January 1, 2019, Dispatch caused a stir when it reported the dating news of Jennie and Kai (EXO), whereby the image captured the couple who were dating privately.

Dispatch couple2

According to this site, the two idols were caught dating in October, when they attended Fashion Week in Paris (France).  After that, the management companies, YG and SM, also confirmed the dating news. However, their relationship was not well-received by the public. 1 month after publicizing the relationship, the couple broke up.

On the morning of February 21, 2021, Dispatch released “explosive” news about the senior and junior couple from the same company, which is Jennie and G-Dragon (BIGBANG).  Accordingly, the source said that the couple has been dating for 1 year and is supported by the female idol’s mother.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) was stalked by Dispatch

Previously, before debuting, Jennie played in G-Dragon’s MV and also featured in BIGBANG’s leader’s song.  Moreover, after being discharged from the army, G-Dragon is said to have come to the MV Lovesick Girls filming set to support his juniors.

In response, YG released a statement saying, “We are unable to verify anything regarding the dating rumors of G-Dragon (BIGBANG) and Jennie (BLACKPINK) because this is the artist’s private matter.”

Source: Yan

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