The dance challenge of Taeyang and Lisa’s collaboration song “Shoong” is going viral

Taeyang’s new music release attracts K-pop fans’ attention with its catchy sound and impressive choreography.

Taeyang, a member of BIGBANG, officially made his comeback in the K-pop race as a solo singer with the double titles “SEED” and “Shoong”. While “SEED” allows listeners to immerse themselves in the sad ballad melody and Taeyang’s story-telling voice, “Shoong” (feat. BLACKPINK Lisa) captivates both the eyes and ears of listeners with catchy lines and unique choreography. The two main dancers of BIG BANG and BLACKPINK, Taeyang and Lisa, perfectly showed off their signature hip-hop style through the performance of “Shoong”.

Taeyang and Lisa’s collaboration song “Shoong” is arousing keen interest
“Shoong!” Taeyang ft. Lisa

To promote “Shoong”, Taeyang created “Shoong Challenge” on all SNS sites so that fans can easily show how they dance to the song. The male singer has also invited many famous K-pop singers to join the challenge with him.

Jay Park, known for his sexy dances, was the first person to collaborate with Taeyang on the Shoong Challenge and impressed everyone with his performance alongside senior singer Taeyang.

Taeyang’s Shoong Challenge with TWICE Nayeon and Momo
Taeyang’s Shoong Challenge with Jay Park

As TXT Yeonjun has already made a name for himself among 4th gen idols with his impressive dance skills and captivating presence, when dancing next to Taeyang, a 2nd gen senior known for his dancing, Yeonjun still shines with his moves.  

Taeyang’s Shoong Challenge with TXT Yeonjun

Taeyang’s Shoong Challenge with Yeonjun is a seamless blend of Yeonjun’s youthful energy and Taeyang’s polished skills, leaving fans in awe. 

Taeyang also did the Shoong Challenge with a JYP idol, none other than TWICE. Even though the hip-hop sound of “Shoong” is not TWICE’s music genre, Nayeon and Momo still nailed the dance with their incredible skills.

It’s no wonder that TWICE has earned a reputation for having some of the best performance skills among 3rd gen girl groups. The members’ ability to adapt to different styles is impressive.

Source: k14.

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