The 2021 K-drama that is unexpectedly climbing Netflix rankings and even surpassing “Narco-Saints” 

The popularity of this K-drama is especially rising in Latin America and the Middle East.

KBS2’s weekend drama “Young Lady and Gentleman” was aired in 2021 and easily surpassed 35% in viewership ratings. In the current era where ratings of over 10% are already considered great success, a drama exceeding ratings of 35% shows extremely outstanding domestic popularity. 

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“Young Lady and Gentleman” also became available to stream on Netflix earlier this year and gained impressive popularity outside of Korea. Even now, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and “Narco-Saints”, which previously rose to the top, have fallen out of Netflix rankings, “Young Lady and Gentleman” is still consistently maintaining its ranking and surpassing the new series “Narco-Saints”.  

young lady and gentleman

“Young Lady and Gentleman” was recently released in the Middle East and Latin America. Through this, the drama has successfully gained a new influx of audience, thanks to its nature of a weekend soapy drama with long episodes.

On Netflix Korea, “Young Lady and Gentleman” is out of the Top 10, but its popularity is soaring overseas. 

young lady and gentleman

“Young Lady and Gentleman” stars actress Lee Se Hee, who was cast through a 500:1 competition rate, and became a hot topic, and Ji Hyun Woo, who won Best Actor for his performance in the drama.

K-dramas have become a global trend. These days, it’s really hard to know which work will make a surprise hit next time.

Source: daum

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