Past video of Lee Seung Gi’s sad expression seeing IU being treated well by her team is going viral

A past video of Lee Seung Gi envying other companies’ great treatment is resurfacing after it was revealed that he has been mistreated by his own agency.

Recently, the video of Lee Seung Gi appearing on IU’s YouTube channel in the past is going viral on various online communities under the title of “Lee Seung Gi, who is truly envious of what IU has.”

The video was uploaded about two years ago in December 2020. In the video, Lee Seung Gi appeared as a guest on “IU’s Palette,” where they talked while eating together.


At that time, IU impressed Lee Seung Gi by preparing her soul food, “Jokbal” (braised pig trotter). Lee Seung Gi praised IU team’s food choice and described it as “Michelin-class.”

When Lee Seung Gi asked, “Where did you order this? It’s so delicious,” IU surprised him by saying, “We made it ourselves.”

When Lee Seung Gi, who didn’t know it was a joke and believed it was real, asked, “Do you guys make jokbal here?” IU said, “We do everything. Here. We made the noodles from scratch and grow the lettuce.” Lee Seung Gi’s face showed how his heart was filled with heartfelt envy.

Soon after IU revealed that it was a joke, Lee Seung Gi said, “I was seriously contemplating my choices. Wow. I even thought that IU team was so amazing they even had their own cook,” he said with a laugh.


After rewatching this video, netizens said, “At that time, he seemed to be going along with IU’s joke, but it turned out that Lee Seung Gi was only given $20 for his team’s meal,” “I thought he was just being nice, but he must have been pretty jealous,” “It sounds really different to me now that I know the story behind,” “I feel sorry for him,” and “I couldn’t imagine that a top star like Lee Seung Gi would be at an agency like that,” and so on.

According to the Kakao Talk conversation between CEO Hook Kwon Jin Young and Lee Seung Gi’s manager, released by Dispatch in November, CEO Kwon was even displeased with how Lee Seung Gi’s team used 20$ per meal.

CEO Kwon’s corporate card limit reaches $63k per month, but the corporate card limit used for Lee Seung Gi’s activities is known to be only $1,5k per month. CEO Kwon lived in luxury with the money earned by her artists but was displeased to see Lee Seung Gi’s team spending $20 on meals.

Source: News1

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