Three female K-pop idols who wears black color the best 

These three idols are fondly called “black swans” for their dignified beauty and elegance. 

BLACKPINK Rosé flaunts her beauty the best in black dresses. 


Rosé in the latest event for Sulwhasoo. 

In the latest Sulwhasoo event, Rosé is surrounded by fans and captures the attention of the media for her superior beauty. 

Simple in color and plain in design, black dresses are the most suited for the events of the brand. 

Rose Blackpink paris fashion week

Rosé at the Tiffany & Co event. 


Rosé was stunning in the photos taken backstage. 


 Rosé stunned viewers with a shimmering black dress. 

TWICE Mina is another idol who looks breath-taking in black. Ever since debut, Mina has been loved for her dignified and classy beauty. What’s better in bringing out her unique charms than the color of black. 


Mina’s alluring beauty. 

Mina gave a stunning “black swan” contemporary dance performance in a black crop top and chiffon dress of the same color. Her contemporary dance stage proves the idol’s incredible flexibility and talent for the art. 


Mina’s iconic “black swan” image onstage. 


Mina flaunted her chicness in a mini dress. 

Red Velvet Joy gives life and shape to black outfits thanks to her enviable physique. The color black of different intricately designed outfits adds a mysterious feel to the idol’s image. 


Joy looks wonderful in intricate designs. 

Red Velvet Joy

Moments of Joy’s ethereal beauty onstage. 

Red Velvet Joy

The idol flaunted her physique in captivating choreography. 

Source: YAN News 

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