Park Gyu-ri, “Dating rumors → Agency’s bankruptcy… That’s my fault. I decided to isolate myself”

KARA’s leader Park Gyu-ri confessed about her depression.

Appearing on Channel A’s “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Clinic”, which aired today (June 24th), Park Gyu-ri, leader of girl group KARA, revealed her concerns.

Park Gyuri

Park Gyu-ri, leader of the legendary second-generation girl group KARA, visited the counseling center of Dr. Oh Eun-young. Regarding the reason why she appeared on the program, Park Gyu-ri said there was nobody for her to talk to about her pain because people were too familiar with her confident appearance. She said, “I’m afraid that people will leave me if I reveal my deepest thoughts”, confessing her worries. Dr. Oh Eun-young analyzed that Park Gyu-ri had a “fear” of comfort, which means she wanted to be comforted but hesitated to show her weakness. 

Park Gyuri

Carefully telling her stories, Park Gyu-ri said that she had cut off all contact due to various incidents over the past 2-3 years and chose to isolate herself. She has been blaming everything, including her agency’s bankruptcy, and rumors about her unwanted romantic relationship, on herself and her choices. In response, Dr. Oh Eun-young said, “You couldn’t distinguish between what things you should take responsibility for and what you should not”, explaining why Park Gyu-ri blamed herself so much.

Park Kyu-ri

In addition, Park Gyu-ri also mentioned the late KARA member Goo Ha-ra due to a direct question from Dr. Oh Eun-young, drawing attention. She said after Goo Ha-ra’s death, she realized the way to get rid of pain and expressed her regret to many people who made extreme attempts. 

goo hara

“Oh Eun-young’s Golden Clinic”, a mental care program that solves various concerns of people of all ages, airs every Friday at 9:30 p.m on Channel A.

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