KARA Park Gyu-ri and Dr. Oh Eun-young finally met, mentioning the impact of the late Goo Ha-ra

Park Gyu-ri, the leader of girl group KARA, met Dr. Oh Eun-young on “Golden Counseling Center”.

Park Gyu-ri‘s concerns will be revealed on Channel A’s entertainment program “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center” (hereinafter referred to as “Golden Counseling Center”), which will be broadcast today (Jun 24th). 

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Park Gyu-ri, leader of the second-generation legendary girl group KARA and the self-proclaimed “national goddess,” visited Dr. Oh’s counseling center. She seriously explains why she visited the Golden Counseling Center, saying it was difficult to confide in anyone to express her pain because she always showed confidence. She confessed her worries, “I’m afraid people will leave if I show my downside.”


Dr. Oh Eun-young analyzed that the reason why Park Gyu-ri had been hesitant to open her heart and be comforted was that she worried it will become her weakness, calling it “Fear of Bing Comforted”. In the “Fear of Being Comforted Self-diagnosis Test” that followed, she received a perfect score for all items, leading to a funny and sad situation. In addition, Dr. Oh Eun-young referred to the importance of sharing pain in your heart with close people, and showed her concerns about isolation and disconnection that one would experience if they fail to do so.

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Park Gyu-ri shared how she has cut off all contact due to various incidents over the past two to three years and opted for voluntary isolation. She has been blaming her choice for everything, including unwanted public leaks of her romantic relationships and the bankruptcy of her agency. In response, Dr. Oh Eun-young analyzed why she blamed herself so much, saying, “She is unable to distinguish the areas to be responsible for.

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At the consultation, Dr. Oh Eun-young asked breathtakingly sharp questions to Park Gyu-ri, who also suffered from serious depression. Park Gyu-ri mentions the death of the late KARA member, Goo Ha-ra during her talk with Dr. Oh Eun-young. After Goo Ha-ra passed away, Park Gyu-ri realized how to get out of her pain and had even made an extreme attempt. Attention is focusing on what Dr. Oh Eun-young’s patent healing solution will be to console Park Gyu-ri’s concerns that she has not been able to confide to anyone. “Golden Counseling Center” with Park Gyu-ri airs tonight at 9:30pm.

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