BLACKPINK Lisa and BTS V: Attending the same show, dating rumors with each other’s bandmate, and more

On June 24th, along with Park Bo Gum, BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Lisa will reportedly depart for Paris via the same private plane to attend CELINE’s Men’s Summer Fashion Show 2023. The news of two top idols, V and Lisa, appearing at the same event, has been stirring netizens up. Lisa and V are not only members of two rival K-pop groups, but also share a complicated connection due to the dating rumors between BTS and BLACKPINK

BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie

V has been rumored to be dating not one but two BLACKPINK members, Jisoo and Jennie. While the rumor between V and Jisoo was just a theory by fans, the rumor between V and Jennie created much buzz because it was backed up by more evidence. 

On May 23rd, photos allegedly taken of V and Jennie inside a car during a date on Jeju Island were spread and took social media by storm. Although fans believe the photos were edited, there are still many netizens who think the couple in question is in fact V and Jennie. 

jennie bts v
Photos that sparked the dating rumor between V and Jennie

Another reason why netizens have faith in V and Jennie actually dating is that before this, Jennie was rumored to have called it quits with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, her alleged boyfriend after breaking up with EXO’s Kai. 

G-Dragon was discovered to have unfollowed Jennie on his private Instagram account. G-Dragon was also caught deleting photos from his private Instagram, causing netizens to speculate that he was removing photos related to Jennie. Moreover, Kwon Dami, G-Dragon’s sister also unfollowed Jennie recently. 

Lovestagram evidence between V and Jennie were also found by netizens. They took pictures at the same place in LA, even though it was not a common tourist spot. An anonymous airline employee also confirmed V and Jennie were dating and even released their flight information. Amid the growing rumors, V and Jennie’s agencies, HYBE and YG still remain silent

G-Dragon continuously committed alleged “aggressive” actions, from changing his profile picture into one with negative connotations to posting double-meaning captions on to his personal SNS, such as: “I was once a good warrior, who won a couple of initial battles. But then I stumbled into trouble. They forced me to fight, and once again, I’m a good warrior.”
jennie bts v
Netizens pointed out various “evidence” of V and Jennie’s romantic relationship, but both YG and HYBE remain silent 

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BTS’s Jungkook 

While V is assumed to be dating Jennie, rumors have it that Lisa and Jungkook are also a couple. As the youngest members of BLACKPINK and BTS, this couple own a humongous number of fans from all around the world. A moment at the 2018 SBS Gayo Daejun, where Jungkook looked to the side towards Lisa, and Lisa looking back, managed to become viral across all sorts of social media platforms.

At the time, Lisa and Jungkook’s eyes suddenly met, causing both to look away in embarrassment. In addition, the couple also have cute “moments” at other award ceremonies, and Lisa also once adorned an outfit from the brand of Jungkook’s brother.

Lisa Jungkook
The two are considered ideal lovers by many fans across the world, and were even voted as the best Kpop couple, despite not having an official relationship

Source: K14

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