The reason why both YG and HYBE kept silent about dating rumors of BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V

Fans are perplexed at the lack of statement from YG and HYBE amid Jennie and V’s dating rumors. 

On May 23rd, dating rumors of BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V started to spread all across the net. This rumor stemmed from several photos, said to be of V and Jennie together in Jeju. However, fandoms of BLACKPINK and BTS soon pointed out several details that suggested the photos were a product of editing. 

jennie bts v
The groundbreaking photos that kickstarted all the rumors.

According to fans, what’s most necessary at the moment are official statements from YG and HYBE, yet both companies still remain curiously silent. As a result, several news sites started to mention the two idols together in articles, even using heart emojis to suggest a romantic relationship.  

bts v blackpink jennie
A news article that mentioned Jennie and V together with a romantic undertone. 

This situation will continue unless YG and HYBE give their official stance, said fans. However, there’s still no signal of any rebuttal nor confirmation from both agencies, making fan furious that their idols got mentioned in unrelated articles. 

At this, some netizens can’t help but wonder what exactly does the silence mean, leading to conspiracy theories and assumptions. According to some, both companies may be using the hype from Jennie and V’s dating news to garner attention for BTS and BLACKPINK’s upcoming releases, seeing that BTS is confirmed to comeback on June 10th, while BLACKPINK is rumored to return within the summer. 

bts v - blackpink jennie
Another article that tried to dig into Jennie and V’s supposed relationship. 

In addition, V and Jennie are not the only ones affected in this fiasco, seeing that Jennie’s alleged ex-boyfriend BIGBANG G-Dragon became a hot topic as well. Even normal photos of G-Dragon became articles with titles like “G-Dragon’s thin arms, devastated after alleged breakup with BLACKPINK Jennie.” 

bts v - blackpink jennie - g-dragon
3 super famous idols got entangled in the same rumors. 

According to certain netizens, it couldn’t be a coincidence that 3 A-list celebrities got entangled in a rumor at once, and therefore, the dating news must be a form of media play. Others also noticed that after V and Jennie’s rumored relationship, people started to pay less attention to another HYBE artist who is embroiled in school violence controversy – LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam 

As a result, many netizens believe that the recent rumors were HYBE and YG’s collaboration to highlight BLACKPINK and BTS prior to comebacks, as well as bury the issues around Kim Garam. To them, this is a convincing explanation to HYBE and YG’s complete silence. 

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