It seems like G-Dragon’s sister Kwon Da-mi is also mad at BLACKPINK’s Jennie

While G-Dragon changed the profile photo of his brand’s account with a ‘middle finger up’, his older sister Kwon Da-mi also drew attention by unfollowing BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

It is true that “PEACEMINUSONE”, the fashion brand run by G-Dragon and his sister Kwon Da-mi, changed their profile image to a photo of a hand doing middle finger up, which means swearing.


Since G-Dragon and Kwon Da-mi replaced the profile of “PEACEMINUSONE” with a quite aggressive photo, netizens believe that the G-Dragon’s breakup rumor with BLACKPINK’s Jennie may have affected the behaviors of G-Dragon himself and Kwon Da-mi. Therefore, they created a good reason for Internet users to hold discussions.

According to a post on Nate Pann yesterday, G-Dragon deleted posts on his private Instagram account and unfollowed both Jennie’s main and sub accounts.

What caught the eyes of netizens is that Kwon Da-mi also unfollowed Jennie. Last year, Kwon Da-mi once drew attention by following only Jennie among BLACKPINK members.


Both G-Dragon and Jennie have not expressed any position on their dating rumors. All that their agency – YG Entertainment said was “It’s hard to confirm anything about the artists’ private lives.”

However, considering all the hints, including YG Entertainment not denying the dating rumor straightforwardly, G-Dragon wearing a bracelet with the J letter, Jennie wearing PEACEMINUSONE accessories frequently and Jennie’s photo being hung on the wall in a picture posted on G-Dragon’s account, many people speculated that the two were likely to be a real couple.

If it was true that G-Dragon was dating Jennie but posted the “middle finger up” profile photo amidst the breakup rumors with Jennie, something bad might have happened between the two.

gdragon jennie

G-Dragon once said he would not talk about his ex after they break up. This is because he already expressed how he felt about that person in other ways, like changing his profile picture during a sensitive time.

Appearing on MBC’s “Radio Star” in 2016”, G-Dragon responded to the rumors of him dating and breaking up with Japanese model-actress Kiko Mizuhara, saying, “The dating rumor is not yet accurate”. When asked if the breakup rumor was right, G-Dragon said, “If I admit this, wouldn’t it mean I have dated her? Then I’m not sure about both.”


He continued, “I value the feelings in a relationship. Whether I admit it or not, it’s still my personal matter. But since I’m a celebrity, that woman might be greatly damaged. If those I dated were willing to open up about our relationship, I would have publicized it.”

Source: Wikitree

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