Nayeon on her solo debut, “TWICE members sent a coffee truck without me knowing, I’m touched.”

TWICE Nayeon mentioned the moment when she was touched by her group members while preparing for her solo album.

A press conference for the release of Nayeon‘s first solo album “IM NAYEON” was held in Fairmont Ambassador Seoul, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul on Jun 24th.


At the press conference, Nayeon emphasized how she received a lot of support from the TWICE members. She said, “I got a lot of support from the members while preparing for my solo album. The members all came to visit the recording, jacket shooting, and music video filming to cheer for me. I remember being very, very moved because they gave me a lot of advice on the parts that I was having a hard time with,” she said.


I remember a lot of what the members said to me, and they even sent me a coffee truck to the music video filming site as a surprise. I was really touched because I didn’t know about it at all,” she confessed.


In particular, when asked about member Momo‘s support for her, Nayeon said, “Momo’s way of supporting us tends to be very simple. She bought me something delicious during the album jacket shoot. I received a lot of help from that,” she added.


In addition, Nayeon talked about the moment she missed her members, “There were many difficulties as I have to do what the nine of us always do together by myself. I missed the advice of my members whenever I had to make a decision. I tend to talk a lot about interesting things with my members during the filming process, but as I’m doing this alone and I couldn’t do those things, I missed doing it,” she recalled.


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