Netizens are enraged as a Girls Planet 999 contestant consistently ranked high but was unable to enter the debut lineup

The rankings of two contestants Shen Xiaoting and Kawaguchi Yurina in the final night of Girls Planet 999 made netizens extremely confused.

The final night of the idol selection show Girls Planet 999 took place on the evening of October 22.  The 9 members who will debut in the official lineup of the group Kep1er have been revealed, including many members who have been outstanding from the beginning of the show. However, the final results are still controversial.

Notably, netizens were extremely confused when they saw the rankings of two potential contestants, Shen Xiaoting and Kawaguchi Yurina. While Shen Xiaoting was named in 9th place, Yurina was eliminated in the last episode even though she had once reached #1.

Girls Planet 999
Shen Xiaoting and Kawaguchi Yurina both reached #1 on Girls Planet 999’s chart but had surprisingly low rankings in the finale.
Girls Planet 999
Shen Xiaoting entered the debut lineup at 9th place.
Girls Planet 999
Kawaguchi Yurina was eliminated in regret.
Girls Planet 999
The fact that two contestants who once competed for the top spot were unable to achieve high rankings and debuted together infuriated netizens.

After the final results were announced, many viewers took to social networks to express their anger. Many fans feel regret for the journey of two potential girls but did not get the position they deserved.

  • Xiaoting and Yurina were both highly appreciated. However, in the end, Yurina is eliminated, and Xiaoting is ranked shockingly low.
  • Unbelievable.
  • Xiaoting and Yurina are just Mnet’s joke, right?
  • Congratulations Shen Xiaoting. Anyway, the results are disappointing.


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