Despite being a top group, BTS is still disrespected by some award shows

Getting their photos cropped, being “subtly chased away” while singing are the treatment BTS got from a number of awards shows later this year.

 BTS is currently a leading artist in the K-pop industry. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why many year-end award shows want the presence of the Big Hit male group.

 Despite being a “dominant” name, winning every Daesang at award events, it seems that BTS still does not really receive respect from these awards.

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 BTS has 7 members but is always cut off

 For some reason, there were two consecutive events making the mistake of cutting some BTS member’s faces off.  After MAMA 2020 ended, fans discovered this.  Specifically, on the day of broadcast, Top 10 figures honored by CJ ENM in the list of “Visionary 2020” was introduced. However, in the VCR displaying the Top 10, BTS’s photo had only 6 members, Jin was the one that Mnet cut out of the photo.

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 While this controversy has not cooled down, there is another award show making the same mistake.  Specifically, the APAN Music Awards 2020 (APAN 2020) that is about to take place on January 16, 2020 has uploaded posters promoting the event on their website. Nothing was worth mentioning until fans discovered that in a poster, BTS only has 6 members, V – who is in the left corner was cropped out of the picture. Immediately after discovering this error, fans were extremely angry and asked for this award show to fix the poster.

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 Being “subtly chased away” while celebrating their Daesang? 

 Recently, BTS appeared at The Fact Music Awards 2020 (TMA 2020) and unfortunately, they were once again disrespected.  Specifically, during the ceremony on December 12, BTS was the only group to receive the Daesang award.

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During the 3 years since TMA started, they have won 3 Daesangs.  However, during their encore of the song Dynamite to celebrate their victory, the music suddenly turned off halfway.  This shocked BTS members, but eventually they still tried to handle the situation very professionally.  Before this, the organizers of TMA received a lot of criticism from A.R.M.Ys. Originally a large award show with a ticketing system, but the organization of TMA was considered too unprofessional.

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 The year-end awards season has only started for a while, but there is already a lot of drama.  As for BTS alone, many award events have caused several mistakes, causing fanwars to become even noisier during this time.  Many people believe that these award shows are actually not that unprofessional to still make these common mistakes, but only caused them intentionally to spark controversy and attract fans’ attention.  And you, what do you think about this issue?


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