Park Eun Bin’s Makeup-free Image in New Drama Caught Attention

Park Eun Bin is about to make a comeback in “Castaway Diva”

Recently, the drama “Castaway Diva” released a new teaser. In the video, Park Eun Bin’s beauty and acting skills are the center of attention as she portrays the main character Seo Mok Ha.

In the drama, the character Seo Mok Ha had to survive alone on a deserted island for 15 years before being rescued and gradually becoming a famous singer. To match the character’s image, Park Eun Bin did not hesitate to go makeup-free.

park eun bin
A makeup-free Park Eun Bin in the new project.
park eun bin
A short scene that showcases Park Eun Bin’s exceptional acting skills.

Park Eun Bin is a very famous actress at the current time. She started appearing on screen at the age of 6 and has been dedicated to her artistic career ever since.

Throughout her career, Park Eun Bin has played leading roles in many of the projects she has participated in. Some notable works include “The Witch: Part 2 The Other One (2022),” “Father I’ll Take Care Of You (2016),” “Stove League”, “Do You Like Brahms?” and “The King’s Affection.”

park eun bin
Following her brilliant success in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” Park Eun Bin is poised to make a promising comeback in “Castaway Diva.”

In the aforementioned dramas, Park Eun Bin has consistently delivered excellent performances in her assigned roles. However, if fans were to point out her most significant success to date, it would undoubtedly be her portrayal of Woo Young Woo in the blockbuster hit “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” This role propelled Park Eun Bin’s name to international recognition, earning her a Daesang at the 2023 Baeksang Awards.

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