“Doctor Cha” Uhm Jung Hwa reveals emotional tolls of being diagnosed with thyroid cancer

“Doctor Cha” Uhm Jung Hwa recalls her long fight with thyroid cancer to return to showbiz.

 On June 5th, “Doctor Cha” star Uhm Jung Hwa sat down for an interview with Sports Chosun to talk about the success of the drama and her future intentions. In recalling the operation that Cha Jung Sook underwent, the actress was reminded of her own experience on the hospital bed to treat thyroid cancer.


In 2010, the actress revealed she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer during a medical health check-up. While the doctor said that, with intensive treatment, she would recover, Uhm Jung Hwa was still very afraid. She recalled both she and her younger brother sobbed but her brother still tried to comfort and encourage her to be positive. 

In retrospect, the actress added that she fell into a bottomless pit at the time. She was plagued with negative thoughts and could not vent to anyone. 

Luckily, the surgery was successful, but a part of Uhm Jung Hwa’s vocal cords was paralyzed and she could not speak for an entire 8 months. Fortunately, the actress has persevered and is working diligently in acting and singing.

Source: Sports Chosun

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