Fanboy’s mother ask for Jennie’s hand in marriage, this is Jennie’s reaction

At BLACKPINK’s recent concert in Osaka, the mother of a fanboy asked Jennie to marry her son, drawing attention. 

On June 4th, day 2 of BLACKPINK’s encore concert in Osaka was held, attracting a huge number of audiences. Here, during the greeting, Jennie noticed a peculiar sign, which reads, “Please marry my son”. 


It is reported that a fanboy was unable to go to the concert, so his mother went instead. Therefore, she decided to funnily ask for Jennie’s hand in marriage, on behalf of her son. 

Upon seeing this special sign, Jennie and fellow BLACKPINK members got excited and started to ask questions such as, “Is your son here?”, “Did you two go together?”, “I want to see him”, and “How old is he?”

Jennie also asked to see the photo of this lucky fanboy, before coming close to the mother and bowing to her with a large smile. 

The video recording this moment has since gone viral on social platforms, and fans can’t help but coo over Jennie’s cuteness and jokingly express their “jealousy”.

Source: Facebook

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