Looking at the top 20 best-selling albums in korea boy band’s history, it is understood how well the Park-Bang Duo has created top boygroup generations

Coming across, the first 5 positions of this list are completely dominated by 2 groups that when mentioning their names, people will immediately remember Park Jin Young and Bang Shi Hyuk.

With the new record that BTS has just set about “Love Yourself: Answer” album sales, the order of best-selling albums in Korean music history has changed a little bit. Recently, on the Pann forum of Korea, a netizen has summarized the top 20 best-selling albums in the history of Kimchi boy band music groups, thereby proving the “skillfulness” in boygroup training. of two “bosses” Park Jin Young and Bang Shi Hyuk.

Taking the 1996 milestone (the beginning of the Kpop idol culture) back then, this list only ranked based on the single sales of each album (not plus repackaged or other special products) from many boy bands generation Album sales are calculated from the time the product officially launches until 1 year later. Therefore, some of the data mentioned may not accurately reflect the entire amount sold of a certain product.

Here are the top 20 best-selling albums in the history of Korean boy bands (rounded to thousands):

1. BTS – “Love Yourself: Answer”

Release year: 2018

Sales: 2,190,000 copies

2. BTS – “Love Yourself: Tear”

Release year: 2018

Sales: 1,850,000+ copies

3. g.o.d – “Chapter 3”

Release year: 2000

Sales: 1,850,000 copies

4. BTS – “Love Yourself: Her”

Release year: 2017

Sales: 1,820,000 copies

5. g.o.d – “Chapter 4”

Release year: 2001

Sales: 1,730,000 copies

6. H.O.T – “Wolf & Sheeps”

Release year: 1997

Sales: 1,520,000 copies

7. EXO – “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” (Korean ver.)

Release year: 2018

Sales: 1,450,000 copies

8. Turbo – “Born Again”

Release year: 1997

Sales: 1.4 million copies

9. H. T.T – “Iyah!”

Release year: 1999

Sales: 1,380,000 copies

10. Sechs Kies – “Special Album 3.5”

Release year: 1998

Sales: 1,260,000 copies

11. Turbo – “New Sensation”

Release year: 1996

Sales: 1,220,000 copies

12. H.O.T – “Resurrection”

Release year: 1998

Sales: 1,100,000 copies

13. H.O.T – “We Hate All Kinds Of Violence”

Release year: 1996

Sales: 1,030,000 copies

14. R.ef – “Back To The Black”

Release year: 1996

Sales: 1,000,000 copies

15. EXO – “The War” (Korean ver.)

Release year: 2017

Sales: 970,000 copies

16. Sechs Kies – “Welcome To The Sechs Kies Land”

Release year: 1997

Sales: 920,000 copies

17. H.O.T – “Outside Castle”

Release year: 2000

Sales: 880,000 copies

18. Turbo – “Perfect Love”

Release year: 1998

Sales: 860,000 copies

19. BTS – “WINGS”

Release year: 2016

Sales: 840,000 copies

20. Wanna One – “0 + 1 = 1 (I PROMISE YOU)”

Release year: 2018

Sales: 830,000 copies

Looking at the list above, it is easy to recognize all top 5 is dominated by two names BTS and g.o.d. Although debuting 14 years apart, both g.o.d and BTS are boy bands going into Korean music history with unbelievable records of album sales in their generation. In the first few years when Kpop just formed, when the Internet and other modern media are still underdeveloped, g.o.d has had 2 albums approaching the milestone of 2 million copies, thereby helping them become become the only idolgroup in Kpop history recognized by the whole Korean nation as a “national music group”. Meanwhile, BTS are the ones who broke the record of g.o.d seniors that many of the popular groups before they could not overcome. Big Hit’s Boygroup also recently wrote a new history page when it crossed the 2 million mark for the album “Love Yourself: Answer”.

Besides, the success of g.o.d and BTS also made netizens admire the boygroup training of two “bosses” Park Jin Young and Bang Shi Hyuk. Everyone knows BTS is booming like today, remembering the right direction of “Bang father”. Meanwhile, Park Jin Young, with the support of Bang Shi Hyuk in the early days of JYP who was responsible for leading and producing g.o.d’s music products. A series of hits that brought the name g.o.d onto the “national music group” were also composed and written by this Park – Bang duo.

Some comments from Korean netizens: “Through it we found that Park Jin Young and Bang Shi Hyuk are really good”, “From 1st to 5th rank, all are “pets” of Park Jin Young and Bang Shi Hyuk”, “So but everyone said there was no company that could pass SM in the male group training. Seeing this, Park Jin Young and Bang Shi Hyuk were the real winners, “” BTS is really a great wall”, “If you take into account the historical circumstances at each stage, you will understand how great god is,” “In my opinion, the comparison between the past and the present is very limp. Time of g.o.d, H.O.T, … people heard music and tasted it good then found an album. But now, the fans will buy the album regardless!

What do you think about this ranking?

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