The Comeback of Yoo In Na: Will BoRa! Deborah Help Her Find a Successful Lead Role?

“Queen of supporting roles” Yoo In Na will make a comeback by getting a lead role in BoRa! Deborah

In the long list of TV shows to be broadcast in the upcoming April, BoRa! Deborah is one of the most anticipated works. The drama marks the comeback of Yoo In Na after 2 years since her supporting role in Snowdrop and 3 years since her last lead role in The Spy Who Loved Me.

Currently, there are not many public images from BoRa! Deborah, but they have already surprised the audience with Yoo In Na’s visual. Being known as the “ageless beauty”, Yoo In Na once again mesmerizes the audience with her visual that shows no signs of aging.

As of the current time, two posters with two contrasting emotions of Yoo In Na are the only official images that the BoRa! Deborah team has released.

yoo in na
It’s said that Yoo In Na’s beauty shines even when captured by passersby

In BoRa! Deborah, Yoo In Na plays the role of “dating coach” Yeon Bo Ra, also known as Deborah. She is a person with considerable influence, loved by couples for always giving sound advice on dating. In addition, Bo Ra is a best-selling author who has written several successful novels. Despite her stunning looks and successful career, Yoo In Na has faced some difficulties in her love life.

yoo in na

The life of Bo Ra is turned upside down by the appearance of Lee Soo Hyuk (Yoon Hyun Min) – a skilled publishing planner. He is known to be a charming, yet unpredictable man. No one knows what Soo Hyuk truly wants, as he sometimes presents himself as an idealist when it comes to dating, but at other times, he asserts that he does not believe in love. In particular, Soo Hyuk does not like Bo Ra because she makes him uncomfortable by showing that she knows everything about dating. However, fate brings them together, and they are forced to get to know each other, causing each other’s lives to become chaotic.

yoo in na
Yoon Hyun Min will be Yoo In Na’s co-star this time.

Source: ENA, Hancinema

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