ITZY Yuna reveals her body control tips that anyone can follow

ITZY member Yuna explained her daily routine for body management.

On March 27th, Cosmopolitan magazine uploaded on its official Youtube channel a video titled “Transformation from golden maknae to a hot unnie?! Yuna will tell you everything, from U-GO-GIRL fancam behind story to perfect health care tips”. 


Yuna certified her golden body with a small waist and wide hips on the cover stage of Lee Hyo Ri’s “U-GO-GIRL” at the end of last year. In this regard, she said, “I will choose that version as my favorite fancam because many people liked it, including MIDZY (ITZY’s fandom). Fans looked at me in a different way after that performance”.


When asked about her tips for body management, Yuna said, “I don’t do anything too significant about that. There’s nothing particularly special”. She explained, “What I have been doing consistently since before my debut until now is measuring my weight as soon as I wake up and before I go to bed. By doing that, I can control and maintain my weight.”

Regarding her current exercise routine, Yuna said, “To be honest, I don’t do anything. But I will exercise, though. It’s summer now”. 


She recommended, “I think you can eat what you want but in small portions. For example, if you want to have salad or healthy food in the morning, you can eat half the usual amount for lunch or dinner, or if you want to eat something you like six hours before going to bed, eat half the usual amount, and it will have a good effect.”

Source: Wikitree

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