“ITZY’s Yuna Shares Behind the Scenes of Her “U-Go-Girl” Performance and How Her Fans Reacted

Yuna revealed the story behind the cover stage “U-Go-Girl”

On March 27th, Yuna‘s interview video was uploaded on the magazine Cosmopolitan’s YouTube channel.


On this day, Yuna picked the “U-Go-Girl” stage, which she performed at the end of last year, as her favorite fancam. At that time, Yuna perfectly pulled off the low-rise fashion reminiscent of Lee Hyo Ri in 2008. Yuna said, “I picked it because many people like it, including MIDZY (fandom name).”

Fans were selected as the ones who showed the hottest response after the “U-Go-Girl” stage. Yuna smiled cutely, “I went to a fan signing event after performing ‘U-Go-Girl’, and the way they looked at me was very different. There are fans who usually tease me as the cute maknae (youngest member). But after the ‘U-Go-Girl’ stage, they looked at me like an older sister. So I snorted.”


On the other hand, during the interview, Yuna also revealed the story about her body care secret.

Source: Nate

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