Song Hye Kyo goes to great lengths to help Yoo Ah In, contacts medical experts and asks for legal advice 

Song Hye Kyo used her connections to help Yoo Ah In in a desperate time of need. 

On February 6th, 2023, News 9 by TV Chosun reported on the news of an anonymous top star called A who has been arrested by the police for violating the Narcotics Control Act. After two days of work, Yoo Ah In’s agency, United Artists Agency, admitted that the said actor was Yoo Ah In and stated that the actor was suspected of using propofol. 

yoo ah in song hye kyo

After two months of investigation, the process carried on with contradictory results. On February 23rd, TV Chosun delivered an exclusive update on urine and hair sample tests on Yoo Ah In. Both tests returned positive results to marijuana and propofol. A week later, a close examination reported the actor to be positive to four banned substances, including propofol, marijuana, ketamine and cocaine. 

The reported medical examination of the level of propofol in his blood stream is almost deadly high, 73 times in 2021, which equals to 60 ml for each visit, three times higher than the recommended dosage. 

During the ongoing scandal, Song Hye Kyo emerged as a topic of discussion as she was rumored to have used her connections to help Yoo Ah In rehabilitate after the controversies. 

yoo ah in song hye kyo

A news source revealed that doctors and lawyers witnessed the lengths Song Hye Kyo went to help Yoo Ah In. She was said to have talked with the experts regarding the treatment for the male actor and contacted legal consultants when Yoo Ah In violated the Narcotics Control Act. She also encouraged the actor to collaborate with the doctors during the treatment. It goes to show how the actress is willing to help, no matter the difficulty. 

In 2021, when Song Hye Kyo returned after a struggling period of divorce, Yoo Ah In shared images of the actress with a note: “Congratulations. A new start! An even newer Song Hye Kyo.” In response, the actress replied with a heart emoticon as a way to show she’s touched by the message. 

Source: K14

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