Not NewJeans, this rookie girl group has the shortest entry on Billboard Hot 100 

FIFTY FIFTY has made history by setting a new record. 

On March 27th, Billboard announced that the rookie girl group FIFTY FIFTY has debuted on the Hot 100, the weekly US chart of popular songs, with their hit single “CUPID” at number 100. FIFTY FIFTY has become the fastest K-pop group to enter the main Billboard chart.

Fifty Fifty

The group made their debut with “THE FIFTY” in November last year. Their first single, “The Beginning: Cupid,” released on February 24th, allowed them to make it onto the “HOT 100” just four months after their debut, achieving an impressive milestone.

Fifty Fifty

Considering that even one of the most popular rookie girl groups, NewJeans, took six months to enter the “HOT 100,” FIFTY FIFTY’s achievement is remarkable. It’s even faster than senior groups such as Wonder Girls, TWICE, BLACKPINK, and BTS, who have already entered the chart.

FIFTY FIFTY is the first small and medium-sized agency to enter Billboard HOT 100. Their success reflects the limitless potential of K-pop. Their future progress is gaining attention.

Source: Daum

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