“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Park Eun-bin, “I wondered if my acting performance as a character with autism spectrum disorder was okay?”

Actress Park Eun-bin honestly revealed her feelings about playing a character with autism spectrum disorder for the first time.

Park Eun-bin attended the press conference for ENA’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” on June 29th ahead of its first broadcast at 9 p.m on the same day. At the event, the actress said, “When I read the synopsis for the first time, I wondered ‘What should I do to act this?’, I knew nothing about this”.

park eun bin

She explained, “I was very cautious and afraid that I might create prejudice. I kept wondering ‘Is it okay for me to act this and that?’. Then I found the answer that rather than thinking about acting, I need to understand how I feel about it first. I added Eun-bin’s sincerity to Young-woo’s sincerity.”

Park Eun-bin also talked about her efforts to make her acting look real. She said, “I met a professor to ask for advice on autism and learned some general characteristics of people with autism”, adding “The result of my studies is Woo Young-woo that the audience will see in the drama.

Park Eun bin

Right after receiving this drama, Park Eun-bin has drawn a line in order to refrain herself from imitating any character that already exists on media. Park Eun-bin also expressed her true feelings, saying, “I didn’t want to imitate any character  already appeared on the media.

Park Eun-bin

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