Fansite speaks out on the unjust treatment from Blockberry Creative that LOONA’s Chuu endures 

A longtime fansite of Chuu spilled what she suffered from Blockberry Creative. 

As LOONA’s Chuu is reportedly preparing to leave Blockberry Creative and sign with a new agency, a longtime fansite master of the female idol decided to speak out on the unfair treatment Chuu suffered from Blockberry Creative. 

loona chuu

The fansite said, “I’ve been patient for a long time and haven’t said anything until now but Blockberry has not given Jiwoo (Chuu’s real name) a manager for her individual schedules since May. That’s why Jiwoo had to take a taxi and carry all her luggage to work on her own. 


LOONA’s manager isn’t even that busy. When Jiwoo used KakaoTaxi to book a car, the manager was driving Yerim (Choerry’s real name) to a birthday event at a cafe.

What’s worse is that on the day LOONA was filming Weekly Idol, everyone was taken back to the dorm by van, but Jiwoo came back first by KakaoTaxi.  


If Jiwoo had to take a taxi because of unannounced schedule, that’s fine, but with yesterday’s schedule, they even opened submissions for fans to attend, but there was not one manager who helped Jiwoo. They made her carry her own stuff to work by herself. Get yourself together.”


Since Chuu reportedly got into a legal contract dispute with Blockberry Creative in March, it seems that the relationship between the female idol and the company has become worse. Even so, fans pointed out that the company still has an obligation to manage and take care of Chuu until the day her contract is officially terminated.


Earlier today, it was exclusively reported that Chuu had been preparing to leave Blockberry Creative and moved to a new label, BY4M Studio. Blockberry Creative has yet to comment on the status of their contract with Chuu.

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