Loona Chuu is reportedly leaving Blockberry Creative… Move to BY4M Studio

Loona Chuu will move to another agency.

According to music industry officials on June 22nd, Chuu is in the midst of preparing for a new start in partnership with BY4M Studio. The two sides reportedly agreed to carry out future activities together and are discussing details related to the exclusive contract.

Loona Chuu is reportedly leaving Blockberry Creative

Earlier, it was reported that Chuu filed an injunction against Blockberry Creative at the end of last year to suspend the validity of her exclusive contract, and the court cited some of her application for injunction. In this regard, Blockberry Creative has remained silent.

LOONA’s Chuu

Chuu entered the music industry by releasing a solo song through Loona’s debut project in December 2017. The following year, she began her official career as a member of Loona. Since then, she has steadily developed entertainment activities to raise awareness.

BY4M Studio has been actively conducting SNS-based digital marketing and is attempting to expand its business into the entertainment field.


Meanwhile, Chuu’s team Loona recently made a comeback by releasing their summer special album “Flip That”. Chuu is currently involved in comeback activities, but she will not participate in Loona’s world tour, which is scheduled to kick off in August.


Attention is focused on whether Chuu, who is going to “move her nest”, will choose to continue activities as a member of Loona in the future.

Source: daum

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