“Why Her” Seo Hyun-jin Effect… No.1 in the drama cast popularity category for 2 consecutive weeks

SBS’ drama “Why Her” all-killed viewership ratings and topicality with its Seo Hyun-jin effect.

The response to SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Why Her” (directed by Park Soo-jin and Kim Ji-yeon, written by Kim Ji-eun, produced by Studio S and VO Media) is hot. Characters’ tangled relationships (such as between Oh Soo-jae (Seo Hyun-jin) and Gong Chan (Hwang In-youp) and mystery cases that repeated narratives and twists overwhelmed viewers. As a result, the drama’s viewership ratings surpassed double digits in 2 weeks. It achieved its highest ratings for 4 consecutive times, recording 10.1% nationwide, 10.5% in the Seoul metropolitan area (based on Nielsen Korea) and peaking at 13.4%. The rating of 2049 viewers continued to rise with 4.4%.

Seo Hyun-jin Effect

The topicality chart and online reactions were also hot. Seo Hyun-jin showed off her potential by ranking first for 2 consecutive weeks in the drama cast popularity category. (Provided by Good Data Corporation, 2nd week of June) In addition, according to the OTT integrated search and content recommendation platform “Kinolights”, as a result of counting including contents of OTT services provided in Korea and movies currently screening in theaters, “Why Her” ranked first in the overall popularity ranking. It proved its explosive popularity by taking first place in real-time viewing on wavve and this week’s popular series TOP 20 on Coupang Play right after its broadcast.

Why Her

Meanwhile, Oh Soo-jae and members of Legal Clinic Center, who were pursuing the truth of Park So-young (Hong Ji-yoon)’s case in the last broadcast, found her death’s situation and evidence, drawing attention. The silhouette of a suspicious man pushing Park So-young off TK Law Firm’s roof was captured through an Internet broadcast video. And Oh Soo-jae, who took possession of the USB hidden in the gap between Hansoo Group’s data, was attacked by a mysterious unidentified assailant, inspiring tension.

Source: Daum

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