Outstanding YouTube records held by YG Entertainment artists

YG artists have proved their power on YouTube.

YG Entertainment is the home to numerous famous and talented idols such as BLACKPINK, BIGBANG, WINNER, iKON, 2NE1 or PSY. Aside from releasing quality music, YG artists also hold many impressive records on YouTube – the world’s largest video sharing platform. 

YG idols with high achievements on YouTube.
YG idols with high achievements on YouTube.

In 2012, “Gangnam Style” became a massive hit all over the world. At that time, PSY became a top sought-after artist in the world. Nearly 9 years have passed, but the view count of Gangnam Style MV on Youtube is still increasing. Accordingly, Gangnam Style is the MV by a K-pop artist with the highest 9-figure number of views.

The view count of "Gangnam Style" is constantly increasing.
The view count of “Gangnam Style” is constantly increasing.

Besides PSY, another YG artist is dubbed “Youtube queen”, BLACKPINK. Thanks to BLACKPINK alone, the company has gained various great achievements such as: MV by a K-pop group with the most views – DDU DU DDU DU or Dance Performance video with the highest view – How You Like That. BLACKPINK is also the owner of the most subscribed YouTube channel among all artists. 

 BLACKPINK's YouTube channel owns many records that are tough for anyone to break.
 BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel owns many records that are tough for anyone to break.

After a groundbreaking solo debut, Jennie bagged a Youtube as the Kpop soloist with the most watched MV. Accordingly, the female idol’s first solo singer “Solo” surpassed 700 million views, dominating different domestic and international music charts.

jennie solo
Solo continuously brings great achievements to Jennie. 

This year, Lisa released her first solo MV. LALISA set many admirable records, most notably the MV with the highest views in 24 hours. At the same time, BLACKPINK’s maknae is also a K-pop solo artist with the world’s highest-viewed premiere MV.

Lisa's debut was well received. 
Lisa’s debut was well received. 

2 popular 2nd gen groups, BIGBANG and 2NE1 also helped YG set several records on YouTube. In particular, BANG BANG BANG MV of BIGBANG is the MV with the highest views among 2nd gen idols. Up to now, BANG BANG BANG is still considered a smash hit. 


2NE1 strengthens the YouTube achievement list for YG with I’m the Best MV. They are the 2nd generation girl group with the most-watched MV. This is also the biggest hit in 2NE1’s discography. 

The most iconic hit in 2NE1’s career
The most iconic hit in 2NE1’s career

YG artists’ achievements on Youtube are admirable. This is thanks to their distinct music color and catchy sounds that always stand out from the rest of K-Pop. 

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