Haechan (NCT) claimed his “status” with a female fan: “She is mine” 

NCTzens are moved by Haechan’s protective behavior over his fan. 

Recently, In a NCT 127’s fansign, a fan told Haechan about her boyfriend and received a strong affirmation from the male idol. 

The fan said that: “I was busy meeting NCT 127 so I could not meet my boyfriend right away. We fought because of that. I asked Haechan if it was my fault or my boyfriend’s, and he responded on the spot that it was my boyfriend’s fault. He also wrote these and told me to give this to my boyfriend”.

The lines Haechan wrote in a female fan’s album were: “Hey you, she is mine. You cannot touch her”

While the whole situation was purely a joke between Haechan and the female fan, fans were still moved by the idol’s care and protection.

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