Netizens rage at the absurd reason Seungri was not ordered to register as a sex offender alert 

The public complained about Seungri, who was imprisoned on charges including prostitution, not being registered as a sex offender alert.

Former Big Bang member Seungri was released from prison on February 9th after 1 year and 6 months. He was charged with prostitution, arranging prostitution, and habitual gambling.

According to TVReport on February 10th, Seungri was subject to the sex offender alert registration after being released from prison but received an exemption. Regarding the reason, the court said, “We judge that there are special circumstances”.

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According to the ruling obtained by the media, the court explained, “Considering the age, job, family relationship, environment, social relationships, the fact that the defendant has no history of sexual violence, the type, motive, process, result and severity of the crime in this case, the degree of disadvantages that the defendants may face due to the order of information disclosure and employment restriction, the preventive effect of sexual violence crimes subject to the registration and victim protective effect, etc., we judged that there are special circumstances in which the defendant’s personal information should not be disclosed and notified or employment restrictions should not be imposed on the defendant”.

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In short, Seungri has no criminal record of sexual violence and the act of filming others’ bodies using cameras is considered a relatively light sex crime, the court thinks there is no need to order personal information disclosure and alert as well as employment restrictions.

Upon hearing this, netizens angrily reacted, “Light sex crime?”, “They keep his information a secret because he’s a celebrity”, “Stricter standards should be imposed on celebs who committed sex crimes. This doesn’t make sense at all”, “Wow, they are even taking care of the criminal”, “Everyone must be treated equally in front of the law… Why are they giving special treatment to Seungri?”, “I can’t understand Korean law”, etc.


However, the court ordered Seungri to register his personal information. This mandatory registration is different from the information disclosure and alert registration. Accordingly, Seungri will have to visit the police station once a year to take pictures of his whole body for the next 15 years. Violations of the law could result in up to 1 year in prison and a fine of up to 5 million won.

Earlier, Seungri caused a stir as he was pointed out as a key figure in the Burning Sun Scandal that erupted in 2018. At that time, he caused public outrage after being found to have shared illegally filmed videos in a group chat room with signers Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong Hoon. After several trials, Seungri was also confirmed to have engaged in prostitution, prostitution arrangement for investors, stolen 500 million won in Burning Sun funds, distributed illegal videos, etc.

Sources: wikitree

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