Jung Jun Young and Choi Jong Hoon are suspected of the sexual assault in Hongcheon

The suspicion of sexual assault was on the rise again because of the group chat of singers Jung Jun Young, Choi Jong Hoon and others.

On April 22nd, ‘News A’ of Channel A reported that they had recieved complaints from some women saying that they had experienced similar sexual assaults in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do.

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According to the report, a total of 5 people including Jung Jun Young, Choi Jong Hoon and some of the male staffs from the ‘Burning Sun’ club, had gone on a trip to a resort in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do in January, 2016. The police has focused on the messages at the time of that trip because there were conversations which are suspected as relating to the sexual assault at the resort and there were uploaded videos which are suspected to be illegally recorded videos. Seungri did not go with them in the trip, but he mentioned the video.


The women who had sent the complaints to the police said: “The men had drunk alcohol and lost their memories after that.”

Sources: Nate

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