NewJeans Delivered Chuseok Greetings “We Wish You A Warm And Fulfilling Hangawi”

NewJeans conveyed their heartfelt Chuseok greetings to fans

NewJeans (Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, Hyein) posted a 2023 Chuseok greeting video on their official SNS on September 28th. In the video, they captivated attention with their elegant hanbok attire and warm messages for Bunnies (official fanclub name).


NewJeans confessed, “This is the second Chuseok we are celebrating with Bunnies, as NewJeans. We were very happy to show Bunnies many different sides of us this year. We wish you a warm and fulfilling Hangawi just like the full moon.”

newjeans hanbok

NewJeans also revealed their Chuseok plans through the agency ADOR. Minji said, “I’m going to plan ahead of time to spend the rest of the year during the Chuseok holiday.” Hanni shared her intentions, “I’m going to spend time with my family and relax. I think it’d be great to cook or bake.

Danielle expressed her excitement, “I plan to meet my beloved family. I want to swim under the bright sun and take a walk in the forest.” Haerin stated, “I plan to spend time with my family. A tip for enjoying this holiday is to visit nice places and capture memories with photos.”

newjeans hanbok

Lastly, Hyein shared her plans, “I’ll spend this Chuseok at my grandparents’ house. As a tip for Bunnies, I suggest cooking and enjoying delicious meals with your families. I hope everyone has a precious time during this Chuseok.”

newjeans hanbok

Meanwhile, NewJeans will release the theme song “GODS” for Riot Games’ “2023 LoL World Championship” at 2 PM on October 4th. “LoL World Championship” is one of the most prestigious e-sports events, and NewJeans will be the first K-pop group to sing the theme song for it as a whole.

Source: Nate

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