Never before in Korea: Yoonseul (PEACH A!) got married 8 days before her debut 

Rookie idol Yoonseul’s wedding was held on October 1st, 8 days before her debut. 

Dating is often a tabooed topic in the Korean music industry, let alone getting married. However, a strange event took place in K-pop when a rookie female idol shocked K-pop enthusiasts when she tied the knot days before her debut, becoming a precedent in the industry. 

The idol is Yoonseul, member of the rookie group PEACH A!. On her personal SNS, Yoonseul uploaded a series of wedding photos with her husband, Minho, and stated that their wedding ceremony was held on October 1st. After the wedding, the 1991-born idol would debut with PEACH A! on the following October 8th. 

PEACH A! Is a 4-member group, expected to debut in October last year but was pushed back a year later due to many complications. On the upcoming October 8th, the group will release their first track and officially debut. 

Source: K14

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